Connect to ECSecure - Windows

Connecting to ECSecure:

  1. To Connect to ECSecure you first need to connect to ECOpen in order to complete the registration process

  2. Connect to the ECOpen access point

  3. Once connected to the access point, open any web browser and navigate to “

  4. You will be redirected to the page shown below. Choose “QuickConnect”.  If the page doesn't automatically display, try connecting to 

  5. The QuickConnect Configuration Wizard landing page will display.  Click Start to download the configuration tool.

  6. Save the QuickConnect configuration file and run the file after it has downloaded.

  7. The QuickConnect configuration wizard will launch.  Select Next.

  8. Enter your Earlham username and password when prompted and select Next.

  9. You will be prompted to install 3 certificates that allow for secure access to ECSecure.  Please select Yes when prompted to install each certificate.

  10. The QuickConnect Configuration Wizard will confirm when the setup is complete.  Click Connect to finish the process.

  11. Your wireless setting should now indicate that you are connected to ECSecure.