Connect on Android OS

To connect your Earlham email account on Android OS

  • Go into Settings then Accounts (sometimes called Accounts and backup and then Manage accounts)
  • Select Add account and pick Corporate, ActiveSync, or Exchange (The naming depends on your specific Android device or if you using the built-in Andriod email client or a 3rd party client like Gmail).
  • For email address, enter your full address (Some phones will try to set it up automatically and fail so if you see a Setup manually you should select that)
  • Enter the password for your Earlham account
  • The Domain\Username isn't used by Zimbra but some clients require the username in place (without the
  • For Server, enter:
  • For Port use 443
  • For Security, type check to use SSL/TLS or "Use secure connection (SSL).
  • Select Done