Student Printing at Earlham

Student Printing at Earlham

Printers are provided in academic buildings and residence halls on campus to support the needs of student printing.  Printing is managed through a software called PaperCut which allows students to track their printing, print from personal devices, and add credit to their printing account.  Students are credited with an allocation for printing when they enter the college as detailed below.  Returning students will find the existing credit they had remaining after the previous semester.

GroupPrint Credit
Earlham Students$200 for 4 years = 4000 pages of single sided grayscale printing
MAT Graduate Students$25 per semester = 500 pages of single sided grayscale printing
Earlham Alumni$1 = 20 pages of complimentary single sided grayscale printing

Printing Rates

TypePer Page CostDuplex Page Cost
Black/White (grayscale)8¢ 

Printing Locations

Area Type of PrinterLocation
Computer LabsBlack/White (grayscale)Landrum Bolling Center, Lilly Library, Dennis Hall, Center for Science and Technology
Residence HallsBlack/White (grayscale) Multi Function Devices
(includes scanning/copying)
Barrett Hall, Bundy Hall, Earlham Hall, Hoerner Hall, Mills Hall, Olvey-Andis Hall
Academic BuildingsColor Multi Function Devices
(includes scanning/copying)

Center for Science and Technology (Hallways on each floor)
Landrum Bolling Center (Hallways on each floor)
Carpenter Hall (Hallways on 2nd, 3rd floor)
Runyan Center (Student Center Area)
Lilly Library (Circulation Desk Area)

Print Release Options

  • Print Kiosks for Black/White (grayscale) printers: For all the lab and residence hall printers there is a computer sitting next to the printers that functions as a print release kiosk. The browser should only go to allowing you to log in to PaperCut. Once logged in then you will select your print job and release it.
  • Prox Card Readers for Color Multi Function Devices: For all of the Color MFPs, that support printing, copying and scanning, there will be a Prox Card Reader installed on each one. Once you've associated your Earlham ID on any of these card readers, then you will simply tap your ID card on the reader to log in. Associating your ID card is fairly straightforward. Once you tap your card on the Card Reader, a log in window will appear on the display. Enter your username and password to associate your card to your Earlham account. Once you've done this, then you will be able to log in just using your card. Full instructions are available here: Card Association Instructions.pdf

Student Academic Poster Printing

The Science & Technology Commons located in the Center for Science & Technology (CST) provides assistance to students that need to print academic posters.  Details are available at:

Advanced Printing Needs

Campus Printing in the lower level of the Lilly Library provides advanced printing services for the college including large formats, bulk volume, folding, and specialty paper types/colors.  Please contact for assistance or questions.

Common Printing Instructions