Network and Wireless Access

Wireless service is available in all of the academic buildings, residence halls, college-owned houses, The Heart, and green spaces boarding campus buildings. This provides students with the opportunity to pursue their research, stay in touch with family or just browse the Web in a variety of locations and settings on campus.

Earlham College hosts two wireless networks to meet the needs of the college's users:


  • Supports Guest and Visitor wireless access for 72 hours
  • Supports specialized devices such as game consoles, media devices, etc. that cannot connect to the 802.1x ECSecure network


  • Secure wireless network for users with a valid Earlham username and password
  • Supports 802.1x authentication and allows devices to stay connected to the wireless network as users move between buildings
  • Supports persistent wireless connections and doesn't require Earlham users to re-authenticate their devices to the wireless network

Information on connecting to the wireless networks