Spam Filtering

Earlham uses an integrated email security system that processes and filters all inbound and outbound email to protect this communication channel.  Over 80% of all email received at Earlham is spam and is filtered by this system.  


Access Your Spam Firewall Account

Use the following steps to access your spam firewall account at anytime:

  1. Access from your browser.

  2. The Spam Firewall currently uses it's own password system so you'll need to request a password if you've never logged in.

  3. Enter your full Earlham email address in the Username field then click Create New Password.

  4. You'll receive an email with your login information with the following subject line:

  5. Return to the login page and enter your full Earlham email address and the password you received.  Click Sign in and you should be logged into your Spam Firewall homepage.

Daily Spam Quarantine Summary

A daily spam quarantine summary is emailed to each user if they received an email that was quarantined by the filters.  The summary report allows you to review and determine whether any of the quarantined messages are legitimate.  From this email you can perform the following options:

  • Deliver: Click on the Deliver link to have that message delivered to your primary inbox.
  • Allow list: Click on the Allow list link to have that message delivered to your primary inbox and that sender allowed.
  • Delete: Click on the Delete link to remove that message from your quarantine.
  • View: Click on the View link to display that message in a new Message Details browser window.

You can also select the option to "View your entire Quarantine Inbox or manage your preferences."  This option will log you into your account so that you can further manage your spam filter settings.

Allow list/Block list

From your Quarantine Inbox you can setup allow list and block list addresses to help manage your filter settings.

  • Allow list: Adding email addresses or domains to this list will ensure they are delivered to your primary inbox.

    • To allow an address, enter the full email address or full domain in the box and click Add.
    • Examples:,

  • Block list: Adding email addresses or domains to the list will block these messages from being delivered to your primary inbox.